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What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a program offered by Amazon to Individuals to become Delivery Partners or Private Contractors delivering packages to Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Food customers. As of December 2018, Amazon claims drivers can make between $18-25 per hour. Remember, when you’re an Amazon Flex Partner, you are not an employee of amazon so you don’t get the normal employee benefits such as Medical/Dental Insurance, Holiday Pay, Profit Sharing, etc… 

I Signed up, Now What?

Amazon sends you videos to show you the process. It’s highly recommended you watch those videos carefully and accept offers as they become available. Sometimes, Amazon will send you reserves. You must accept those or risk loosing them as they are timed and can become expired. You can simply ignore them if they don’t fit your schedule. And hit that REFRESH button AGAIN AND AGAIN to see new offers. Accept the ones you want based on time and amount. It’s your decision to make so pick one. 

What Do I need?

A Car and a Phone. To be able to pick up large loads, typically 5 hours load, you need a bigger vehicle, otherwise as long as you have a car that has an enclosure to keep the packages dry, you’re good to go. Phone holder and a car charger are a must for safety and to ensure your phone stay charged the entire time you’re out there delivering. And a coffee mug and a bottle of water is highly recommended. Know stores or parks close by if you need to go to the restroom. And don’t forget flash light just in case the wind blows out the power. 

How much can I make?

Amazon claims between $18 and $25 an hour but experiences can be varied and more often than not, you will make more than $18, more like $20 and up. There are times you will pick up a load that can be worked for far less amount of time. For example, you get a 5 hours block for $95 or $19/hr and only worked it for 3.5 which now becomes $27.14/hr. instead of the $19/hr. 

What Happened? Signed up but no offers.

It could be that you are on the waiting list or you’re flex app is corrupted or misbehaved. Calling Amazon Flex Support would be the best possible tip we can give you. 

Can Amazon De-activate my Account?

Oh sure they can. And for any reason(s) too. It’s fair to say only Amazon knows if you’re going to be deactivated or not. There are all kinds of rumors out there but we cannot say for certain why people are being deactivated. One thing for sure, is that there must be a reason. The only thing you can do as a flexer is keep doing the right things and hope you don’t get the boot.