How to signup?

Very Easy. Just follow the link here, UBER FOR BONUS. I cannot say for certain but when I signed up directly with Uber, I didn’t get a bonus so please sign up with a driver or just click on the links provided here for the easy to get bonus.

What are the requirements?

A running 10 year or younger (Can be Varied City to City), 4 door and 4 seats with seat belts, not counting the driver, vehicle (can be a car, truck or minivan). Your Full Name has to be on the Auto Insurance and your vehicle must pass the vehicle Inspection. There are other requirements after you’re given the green light such as the TNC sticker, Business License, Defensive Driving Course, etc…

why using the signup link above?

You get a BONUS that way! It’s the surest way for you to get a bonus from Uber. 

Does uber provide money for gas?

Sorry No. You are on your own.

Does uber provide money for auto maintenance?

No. No. and No. But they offer reward programs depending on your status level. 

Can driving for uber enough to support my lifestyle?

Yes and No. It depends on you’re lifestyle. If you require more money, then probably not. If you can live on a very limited budget, then yes.